Aamal Ride

Qatar Cycling Federation Aamal


Long Distance Loop: 250 QAR
Middle Distance Loop: 200 QAR
Short Distance Loop: 100 QAR
Inclusive Ride Distance: FREE

Bikes Provision:

Each participant must provide their own bike. The bike must be well functioning and in good condition.

Ride Pack Collection:

Venue: from the collection booth at City Center Doha.

You must present a valid ID (QID/Passport).

Jersey sizes will be allocated on a first come basis.

Each rider will receive a jersey and a bib number which must be worn on the day of the ride.

If you are collecting on behalf of someone else, you must present a letter and a copy of the rider’s ID that shows you have permission to take receipt of the item on their behalf.

Getting prepared
(make sure you have the following with you on the day of the Ride):

Helmet – Race numbers – Event’s jersey – Water bottles filled with water/electrolytes. – Spare tools (pump/tubes/patches) – Some cash – Sun cream – Cycling shoes – A fully charged mobile phone – Your bike

Event Rules and Safety Measures:

All participants must wear a properly fitted cycling helmet. Any participant whose helmet is deemed unsafe will not be allowed to participate.

All participants must provide their own bike and equipment; the event organizers will have no spare parts/bikes or equipment.

For the event, it is acceptable to ride road bikes, mountain bikes and commuting bikes. Time Trial bikes & aerobar extensions on road bikes are NOT allowed.

All participants must have at least one full 500-750ml bike bottle of fluids (water or sports drink) and a bottle holder must be installed on the bike or cyclist carrying a hydration backpack of fluids (water or sports drink).

Open toe shoes are not allowed.

Proper cycling attire must be worn.

Participants may not use headphones whilst cycling.

Please carry an identification card and a charged mobile phone at all times.

The use of mobile phones or taking pictures whilst cycling is prohibited. If you want to take pictures, you need to safely and carefully pull off to the side of the road, remove your bike from the route and then take a picture whilst dismounted.

The event is open to the following age categories per route type:

Long: 85 km (Ages 16+) (National team athletes are exempted).

Middle: 56 km (Ages 16+).

Short: 14 km (Ages 14+).

Inclusive Ride: (All ages). Kids and riders with disabilities must be accompanied by their legal guardian.

All participants are required to display their bike number on their frame and on their clothing.

All participants will be required to sign the event waiver (received with your confirmation email) upon their collection of their rider’s pack.

Please make sure you always follow the route.

Do not leave the route and always ride in the direction of travel.

Cycling is only allowed on the road (not on sidewalks or grass areas).

Do not make any unnecessary stops on the route.

Always look out for hidden bends, curbs, bollards, potholes, and other hazards.

Keep a safe distance from other riders on the route.

Please be patient with other riders. The roads may be crowded, especially at the start.

Ride on the right-hand side of the route and use the left-hand side of the route when overtaking slower cyclists.

Never undertake (pass on right side) other riders and be careful when overtaking.

Be conscious of other riders and communicate your actions so they are aware if you are slowing, stopping, pulling-out to pass, overtaking or pulling-in having completed an overtake.

Don’t use your phone. You may take pictures safely only at the start of the event before the ride starts, or after the finish of the ride. You do not have control over your bike when you are busy with your phone and/or distracted by music.